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News & Updates

All media inquiries contact communications@okotoks.ca or the Communications Manager at 403-938-8939.

Sheep River Safety
The Town of Okotoks recommends staying away from the Sheep River.
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Road Construction
There are a number of construction projects ongoing in Okotoks.
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Managing Excess Garbage
The Town wants to thank residents for getting their garbage out on time and keeping those lids shut! However, excess garbage continues to be a concern for a small percentage of households.
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On It
On-It is a regional public transportation system designed to connect towns and cities to and around Calgary.
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2014 Residential Rebate Program
The Town offers a water conservation rebate to reward residents for their efforts towards water conservation. It is currently 75% sold out.
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Municipal Census Results
The total number of residents in the Town of Okotoks as of May 7, 2014 is 27,331.
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Community Assessment of Okotoks
Roger Brooks, an expert in the fields of tourism, community branding, downtown development, and destination marketing, will speak about developing Okotoks' downtown.
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Way to Go! Lids shut tight!
The number of overfilled waste carts went down significantly over the last couple of weeks. Thank you for your hard work!
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Outdoor Watering Schedule
Outdoor watering schedule is in effect from May 1 – October 31, outdoor watering is permitted one/two days a week.
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Routine Fire Hydrant Maintenance
With Okotoks Fire Services' ongoing routine maintenance on town fire hydrants, here is what customers can expect.
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